How to Start Your Remodel

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When it comes to remodel or add-on to your home, where do you start?

List your needs by priority and have a budget. There are two choices for the process:

Hire an architect or a design builder. A contractor alone cannot bid work accurately without scale drawings and all information about the project. For that he will need architectural drawings which could cost thousands of dollars. Architectural drawings can be handed to the contractor who can then did them. Now for the first time, the homeowner learns the cost of the project. Architects are not builders and don’t know material and labor costs.

A design/builder can produce accurate scale drawings, and with his experience, he can bid the drawings accurately. The client can see and discuss his plan and know the costs before spending any money. The design/builder creates blue prints, document engineering (if needed), pulls permits and works directly with owners to completion.

D’Ambra Construction has been a top-quality design/builder in Orange County for 50 years! This family owned business has completed thousands of beautiful remodels and additions, and will continue to provide their clients with knowledge, integrity and attention to detail. Their clients appreciate a start and finish date.

Have D’Ambra Construction discuss your plans and learn why they are one of the most respected design/builders. They provide a clean job site, well organized, talented contractors, on-time completion date and happy clients.