Orange County Room Additions and Kitchen and Bath Remodels
Orange County Room Additions and Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Orange County’s Kitchen, Bath, and Custom Room Addition Builder.

Welcome to D’Ambra Construction!


We’ve been building room additions, custom homes, custom kitchens and bath remodels in Orange County since 1967 and looking forward to the next 50 years! That means if you ever need us in the future, you’ll know we’ll be here. And because we give our customers a TEN YEAR WARRANTY on our work* you can rest assure you’re hiring the best contractor to work with. Because over 90% of our business comes primarily from referrals, and because we build more projects than anyone around, don’t you think it’s too much of a risk not to use us?

Ask yourself this: How exactly do you see your home? Some people are more than satisfied with a cheap, quick remodel using cheap fixtures and cabinets just to give them more space. Or, do you view your home as a home? You know, like the model homes you’ve walked through in the new neighborhoods around town. You love the feel of that new model home, but know paying literally over $1 million just doesn’t work. Your home is in the right area; you like your neighborhood; your kids have a ton of local friends, but you just can’t stand the feeling of your existing home and/or space. That’s where we excel. We spend countless hours walking the new models throughout Southern California to stay on top of what the new designs are and what works well together. We are masters of taking what you have and melding it with the possibilities of what it could be. Most of the design decisions are yours, but we’ll walk you through every aspect of it from beginning to end allowing you to be the master of the final product which will give you the satisfaction of knowing it’s truly your home.

More and more we are getting asked about integrating modern audio/visual setups with their projects. Have you gotten quotes from dedicated AV companies for this? VERY expensive. So, we offer on all of our projects FREE setup of home audio/TV installation/hanging/setup, surround sound design and setup, and automation (Insteon/ISY). Chris D’Ambra will work hand in hand with you to develop a framework that suits your needs in this area. All we ask is that you buy the equipment at our cost and we’ll put it all together.  We can even setup a media server within your home’s network with blu-ray movies ready to play all contained within your home network. Ask our customers how they feel about their final projects. We treat our customers as family and continue that relationship once the projects are complete. Chris is always just a phone call away, even years after. So, start dreaming of what you envision your future home to be and then call us and let us build it for you. Call today for you free estimate!



*10 year warranty covers any and all workmanship and is superceeded by any product manufacturer warranty for specific product defects that D’Ambra Construction installs. We don’t build the products, we just install them. So if a product fails, we will, at our discretion, make the decision as to how to proceed with the repair or replacement if that manufacture warranty lapses.

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