Orange County Room Additions and Kitchen and Bath Remodels
Orange County Room Additions and Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Why D’Ambra?

Okay, you’ve made the decision to spend tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars remodeling your home. You live in the right neighborhood, your property tax base is low (compared to what it would be if you bought a new home), and overall your home’s location isn’t the problem. Your home is the problem. Now what? You’ve come to the conclusion that your decision is going to be based between three companies, all of which you’ve either seen around doing work or someone told you about. How do you decide between them? Money? Reputation?

Let’s make it simple. Remodeling your home is a big undertaking. It’s not as easy as the TV shows make it out to be. A mistake here or there can quickly cost thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. And it’s those little things during the project’s progress where things go down hill. The nightmare stories are there not because the relationship between the contractor and owner didn’t work out from the beginning. Obviously that relationship had to begin well, otherwise why would the owners agree to spend countless tens of thousands of dollars with him? Typically it’s during the project where the mistakes happen and the finger pointing begins – pointing to who’s gonna pay.

That stuff never happens with us. Never. We make mistakes, don’t misunderstand. But they never get passed on to you, our client. Our referral list is long because no one ever has a problem. There’s never drama, finger pointing, or chaos. You can rest assured your project will be smooth and hassle free. And when it’s done, even years down the road, you can also be assured we’ll be there with a simple phone call. Just ask any of our previous clients – any of them. What is that worth to you? A headache free experience.

Our bids are complete – that will be the price you end up paying – that is, unless you, the homeowner, initiate more expensive items on the project. However, our allowances are very generous and what we consider to be the true allowances for the standards of our customers, not the ‘standards of the industry’. Ask your potential contractors about their warranty. What happens if something breaks or goes wrong after the project is complete? We’ll be there for you as long as you own your home like we’ve been for nearly 3000 past customers going back to the 1960s. We give you a written 10 year warranty; however, as anyone who’s had the need to call will tell you, we’re always there for you after the project ends. Our relationship with you we look at as a family, just like our company is a family business. The company is run by Dennis D’Ambra, the projects managed by Chris D’Ambra, and the sister business CATS Tax Service in our offices are run by Mrs. D’Ambra, E.A, along with Mr. and Mrs. D’Ambra’s daughter Tammy Giulianno, E.A.  and Chris D’Ambra’s wife Deanna D’Ambra, E.A. So, as you can see, it’s truly a family business.

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